TAC is dedicated to helping students achieve academic success through our Enriching, Inspiring, Exciting and Educating (EIEE) and Kid's Choice programs. These programs align with six core competencies:

1. Literacy & Language
2. Wellness & Safety
3. Creative Arts
4. Character Building
5. Community Outreach & Social Learning
6. Engineering & Problem Solving

Kid's Choice Program

In conjunction with our EIEE program, The Adventure Club initiated a new and exciting program called Kid's Choice with the 2013-14 school year. The program was successfully piloted at Peifer School (Lake Central School Corporation) during the 2012-13 school year and 2013 summer camp. Now the program is at all 11 TAC sites in 4 different school systems. Teachers were trained on the new Kid's Choice program at our annual 2013-2014 staff kick-off meeting.

The premise of the Kid's Choice program is giving children the opportunities to make choices within an intentional and structured framework. Many children grow up unable to make decisions because they have had little experience in doing so. Teaching decision making greatly benefits them in life. The value of making conscious mindful decisions and choices is key to living a happy and full life. Research indicates that giving children choices teaches them how to make decisions, builds their self-esteem, develops problem solving skills, independence, and makes them feel more powerful and in control of their lives. Giving children choices also teaches them to take ownership of their personal choices, the value of sacrificing one thing for another, and makes them feel that their point of view is valued.

Kid's Choice Board

Each day, The Adventure Club children will be offered a variety of choices, which are activities and events pre-planned by the Club's Site Coordinators, TAC staff, and even the children. When children arrive at the Club, they will make decisions about what activities and experiences with which they want to participate. For each activity, a specific number of children's slots will be designated so activities that require more adult interaction and support (i.e., oil painting) will have less slots available but some activities will have more slots available (i.e., game of dodge ball). Children participate in their selected activity, and when ready, go to the Kid's Choice Board to make another independent decision or choice about their next activity.

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