Summer 2017

The Baby Blanket Club - Summer students at TAC joined the club to make blankets for Rush  University Hospital  in honor of Baby Kane who lost his battle with CHD, January 16th. We want to thank the parents and TAC for donating the fleece to make the blankets. TAC students ended up donating over 24 beautifully hand crafted blankets to this wonderful cause. See the pictures below.




The primary goal of The Adventure Club's summer camp, Entrepreneur Me, is to help your child become a young entrepreneur and learn about how to establish and operate a business. The summer camp's learning objectives are the following:

  1. To learn about the nuts & bolts of running a business and to operate their own business.
  2. To discover how businesses contribute to and benefit the community.
  3. To determine their own business, design and create products to sell in their business, and construct BizTown storefronts.
  4. To learn how to market their business with signs, advertising, and price lists.
  5. To understand the responsibilities of business ownership.
  6. To learn about earning money.
  7. To manufacture and produce products for their business.
  8. To experience selling and buying products.
  9. To participate in the decision-making process.

Check Out Our 2017 Summer Camp ENTREPRENEUR EXCURSIONS


TAC's "Kids Helping Kids"

TAC's "Kids Helping Kids" program had a diaper drive for Sojourner Truth Home. The students collected enough to donate 4048 diapers! We want to thank the parents, students and staff that worked hard on this wonderful project!

Pictured- Cherron Simes, S.C., Bibich, Kika Garza, S.C., Homan and Tiffany Kendall, S.C., Kolling and Community Outreach Coordinator for TAC.


The Adventure Club promotes creative arts through drama, singing, and dancing. Each year, students at each of the TAC's sites actively participate in making a club commercial. The purpose of the commercial is to tell others about all the fun that happens while attending The Adventure Club including activities such as fun-engineering, creative arts, music, drama house, scientific experiments, and outdoor adventures.

This year's winning commercial was produced by The Adventure Club students at Frank H. Hammond--


Winning actors will enjoy a pizza party and the TAC's traveling trophy will be at their site until the next competition comes along. Big congratulations to Laura Morris (site coordinator), the staff, and all The Adventure Club students.

Thanks to all of the companies who donated to make Biz Town possible!

Mardi Gras Madness 2017!

A Scientific Experiment

The Ultimate Sandwich

Exciting Happenings at Wilbur Wright Middle School Afterschool Adventures!

Students at Wilbur Wright Middle School are busily engaged in sewing and woodworking projects. They also enjoyed a tinkering project where they took apart a printer and reconstructed the parts into a working fan! Scientists, constructionists, problem solvers, and tinkerers--all in one project!

Winning Commercial

The Adventure Club promotes creative arts through drama, singing, and dancing. Each year, students at each of TAC's sites actively participate in making a club commercial. The purpose of the commercial is to tell others about all the fun that happens while attending The Adventure Club including activities such as science experiments, homework zone, fungineering, creative arts, game encounters, relaxation station, snack attack, music and drama house, and outdoor adventures.

This year's winning commercial was Frank H. Hammond in Munster. The commercial was called "Adventure Club: The Magical Kingdom". Students won a pizza party and TAC's traveling trophy, which will be at their site until the next competition comes along. Big congratulations to Laura Morris (Site Coordinator, her staff, and all The Adventure Club's actors. Click here to watch the winning commercial!

Entrepreneur Excursion

Young Entrepreneurs invaded Valparaiso to learn about how to operate some very fun businesses including The Chocolate Factory, Valpo Velvet Ice Cream, Memorial Opera House, and 1st Source Bank. Thank you business leaders of Valpo for giving our entrepreneurs an unforgettable experience!



Creative Arts & Drama

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2017 Summer Camp: Entrepreneur Me!

Young entrepreneurs are beginning to make their storefronts for the summer camp, Entrepreneur Me! Not only are they entrepreneurs, but they are also using the skills of engineers, decorators, and builders. These entrepreneurs constructed the city library complete with books, check out desk, lighting, and mailbox.

Come join us at summer camp. Call 219-865-6283 for information.


Offering After School Program at Wilbur Wright Middle School

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Wellness & Safety 2015-16

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Walking Water

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Students at The Adventure Club participated in an interactive reading competition through Taltree Arboretum & Gardens. The students selected a story, read the book and decided how best to represent the story in scarecrow form, collected items to build their scarecrow, built it, and then composed a 150 word essay about how the scarecrow best reflects the chosen story.

The Scarecrow Project aligned with many of The Adventure Club's core competencies such as language and literacy, creative arts, problem solving, and engineering.

Although all 11 scarecrow entries from The Adventure Club were terrific, there were many contenders and great competition. Hip, Hip, Hooray! The students at Fieler and Frank H. Hammond won third and fourth place with their scarecrows: Cat in the Hat and The Leggo Man.

Congratulations Fieler and Frank H. Hammond students!

TAC Super Hero Club

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Celebrate Schererville Parade

A big round of applause goes to our TAC Parade Group for walking in the Celebrate Schererville Parade creating lots of smiles on hundreds of children's faces. Thanks to Renee, Madison, Sarah, Nick, Jake, Anthony, Brianna, Kaylee, Khyla, Shaun, Doug, Ava, Audrey, Ethan, and sidekick Sydney!

Bubble Fun @ Spring Break!

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ArtVenture 2015 was a huge success! Thank you goes to Erin Webster and Southlake Mall for allowing us to display our art work over the weekend. Thank you to the children that worked effortlessly on beautiful works of art. Thank you to Ms. Renee for all her hard work on putting it together, and thanks to Ms. Jessica, Ms. Samantha, Ms. Alancia and of course to Ms. Renee for representing TAC at Southlake Mall.

Students at Tri-Creek, Lake Central, and Munster created and directed a commercial about what they like about the Adventure Club. Tri-Creek grabbed first place, with Eads and Frank H. Hammond winning second and third prize. Students enjoyed either pizza party or ice cream social to celebrate!

Creating a commercial aligns with TAC's core competencies of language and literacy, creative arts, problem solving, and social learning. Click here to view.

The Adventure Club kids of Homan Elementary School are working on an exciting dragon project. Using the club's Imagineering Kit, which is a project-based learning program, students are investigating and exploring the many facets of dragons. Click here to view.

Bubble Engineering

Bubbleologist Keith Johnson is an artist, scientist, entertainer, researcher, and teacher.

As part of The Adventure Club's Leadership Academy (professional development programs for TAC's staff), Keith visited Watson, Protsman, Kolling, and Bibich elementary schools where he wrangled and engineered all types and sizes of bubbles--all while injecting scientific and mathematical concepts. Keith also amazed TAC's staff and five Lake Central School principals with a bubble presentation and opportunity to practice making bubbles.

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The Adventure Club’s Health & Safety Fair

In conjunction with several of TAC's core competencies (i.e., safety & wellness; character building; community outreach), kids participated in Safety & Wellness Fairs. Community experts such as policemen, firemen, nutritionists, physical therapists, sports coaches, and doctors visited our programs when children learned about wellness, fitness, sportsmanship, and healthy eating.

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Summer Snapshots

Summer Campers' days were filled with sunshine, fun, and adventure. From yoga experiences to Revolutionary War enactment to Snake Ed to gardening to Spa Day to Environmobile visit to the annual Great Egg Drop-the children enjoyed every minute. For images of great summer fun, click here.

Adventure Club Engineers

Aligning experiences with our summer theme, "Building Excitement", and focusing on the engineering component of STEM, the summer campers enjoyed planning, designing, and constructing cars. At the Adventure Club, we strive to strengthen children's engineering skills to make problem solving and critical thinking a "habit of mind" for all children. Moving through creating cars, children were involved in scientific process of asking, imagining, planning, creating, and improving.

Little Obie (Lessons on Train Safety)

The Adventure Club summer campers enjoyed a train ride on Little Obie after listening to a presentation and watching a video on train safety.

The miniature Canadian National Locomotive along with accompanying flat car and caboose helped children learn about "Operation Lifesaver", a nationwide program that is sponsored by CN Railroad and dedicated to safety around trains especially at railroad crossings.

Dr. Thomas Moore

Dr. Thomas Moore, nationally and internationally recognized education consultant, children’s television host, and recording artist engaged children’s joyful spirits with songs to promote care and love for self and others at Peifer and Homan Elementary Schools in Schererville.

Sponsored by The Adventure Club, the interactive performance and experience focused on the unique specialness of each and every child in the audience.

The Adventure Club Greeting Card Project

In collaboration with the Art-Spot and artist Rusty Merrills, the Adventure Club children worked with water colors to create gorgeous greeting cards which were then sold with proceeds donated to NICK (Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids Foundation). Read More

Day of Fun at The Adventure Club!

The Adventure Club at Homan Elementary School created a video of a typical day of fun at the Club.

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