Scarecrow Contest

Adventure Club students will once again participate in the Taltree Arboretum Scarecrow competition. Inspired by Scholastic, students will choose a favorite storybook read the book, and decide what character in the book to represent through a scarecrow. The project will conclude with the writing of a student essay describing the scarecrow and its construction.

The scarecrow project aligns with many of Adventure Club's core competencies including (1) language & literacy; (2) engineering & problem solving; and, (3) creative arts.

All of our 17 sites will be participating in this contest. Your child's site may be looking for donations (i.e., clothing items such as pants, hat, or shirt) so look for a sign like this to see what is needed.


Exciting Happenings at Wilbur Wright Middle School Afterschool Adventures!

Students at Wilbur Wright Middle School are busily engaged in sewing and woodworking projects. They also enjoyed a tinkering project where they took apart a printer and reconstructed the parts into a working fan! Scientists, constructionists, problem solvers, and tinkerers--all in one project!


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